Most small businesses don’t know the importance of having a well-planned marketing system for their business. Many big companies also make the same mistake. They spend most of their money on various marketing activities hoping to get a positive result. The book “5 Steps to More Clients Online – The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners” written by Sonny J talks about strategies and tools that the writer uses to help clients in growing their businesses and attracting more customers.

ebook2If you are an owner of a small business, then you should read each chapter of this book thoroughly. All the tactics mentioned here are the results of many years of hard work. Whether you want to start up a new business or grow your existing one, the strategies mentioned in this book will help you.

The book will help you to automate the marketing and flow of customers through various mediums of online marketing. Topics covered in this book include video marketing, SEC and PPC strategies, use of Direct Mail, managing customer activities through Google+, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo and other directory sites, impact of social media and many more.

You will learn about content marketing and lead generation. You will learn how to create a perfect online marketing roadmap for your business. This is the ultimate guide for small business owners in order to succeed in the market.