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There are a lot of great reasons to hire a freelance web designer over a design company. Here are some of the best.

  1. They are Cheaper

Freelance web designers will only take on the job if they have an interest in it and all of the money you pay goes straight to them. If you work with a web design company then there’s a lot of overhead such as wages and insurance that drives the price of your website up. Even if they don’t feel the website is a good fit they take the job on at an inflated price just to keep the money flowing.

A freelance web designer is likely going to be working at home and they don’t have a lot of overheads. If they have a lot of work then they only take on the jobs they feel they could manage, while freelance web design companies take on every job they can find to stay in business.

A low overhead means that you pay less but your website is more available. A freelance web designer will see your website as a chance to improve their own portfolio so not only will you get a good deal but they’ll do their best to impress you and any future clients. Just check out their reputation and talk to them a little before hiring them to ensure you’re dealing with someone who can actually do the job.

  1. There’s No Queues

Web development companies are focused on the big clients with big money and could leave smaller clients waiting to be seen. These big jobs can last months and so there’s no real reason for the company to care about your small website.

There are no big clients for freelancers. Having a big client would use up all their time and even drive them out of business. If you want a great website then your best bet is a freelance website developer. They have to do a great job because they don’t have a lot of money for advertising and they rely a lot on word of mouth. They get back to you quickly and directly and not leave you waiting in queue.

Freelance website developers depend on their portfolio and their testimonials because they run such a tight ship. Because they handle everything themselves they also communicate far more effectively than an entire department dedicated to sales, marketing, and even communication.

  1. They Genuinely Care

One of the most important things about hiring a freelance web designer in London is that they genuinely care about their work. Their career is dependent entirely on how much they care. Even though the website they build is for you it’s still a website of their own.

That’s the kind of thing you definitely want to happen but it just won’t happen with a web design company. A website design company hand over the proverbial keys to the car as soon as you’ve paid for it.

You can check just about any website and you can see what the 10k basic website a web design company could give you. For less than that you can get a great ecommerce website complete with a shopping cart. Often the website that a freelancer puts together for you will work just as well as the website built by a web design company without costing you nearly as much.


To put it simply a freelance web designer will charge you a lot less to do more than a website design company. They also care a lot more about the work that they do for you. They want to do a good job and they want to dedicate their time to you. A web design company will take a lot of your money to put together something pretty basic. In terms of time and money a freelance web designer is your best bet.