The beginner’s guide to starting a Shopify store

Shopify is an e-commerce solution to help you sell your products or services online. This platform is suitable for businesses of any size and any industry. It is a very easy ea-commerce builder which can help you run your online store for the first time.

Shopify gives you free trial for 14 days. After that they charge you at 2% for each transaction. If you don’t have any coding background and you want to handle everything by yourself, then Shopify is a great option. Here you don’t need to pay anyone extra for coding or providing support. Here is a guide to open your store with Shopify.

  1. You first need to sign up and get an account on You will first need to tell the purpose of creating the store. You can create an online store for building a fully hosted website to sell anything. You can open a retail store or pop up store. In whatever way you have made your sale, whether through in-store, online or using mobile devices, your inventory will automatically get updated in real time. You then need to choose your address so that you can set up tax rates and currencies.
  2. You should now choose the domain address. Go to Shopify admin dashboard, choose online store, then domains to set up a domain for shopify stores. Go to domain providers like Godaddy or Bluehost and buy any address you like.
  3. You now need to choose a Shopify theme. Go to Shopify Admin Dashboard, choose online store and then choose theme. There are two options; you can either customize your own theme or use a pre-designed template.
  4. Add products to your store and start selling. Find the ‘add products’ button on the Shopify admin dashboard. There are two ways to add your products. First, you can manually add them, filling in every detail such as product name, product description, images, price, etc. Second, you can upload products by importing CSV file.
  5. You will need apps to sell effectively on Shopify. There are many apps on Shopify Appstore that you can use. The apps are available in different categories such as Customer Support, Marketing, Sales, Inventory, etc.
  6. You now need to get your customers. You need to promote your store and boost sales. You can use several marketing methods such as email marketing, running advertising services, build Facebook business page, run discount offers, contests, etc. Besides running these campaigns, you need to collect email subscriptions on social followers in exchange for discount code.

Using these steps, you can easily set up your own online store with the help of Shopify. It is a very easy and effective way of doing online business. To boost your Shopify account, you could get a Warehouse management system for your ShopifyPlus with PeopleVox they offer advanced software to streamline day to day tasks within your busy warehouse. They come highly recommend from us.

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