Social Media

3 social media platforms every SMB should be on

Social media networks are wonderful platforms to promote business online. The platforms are free to use, and they also have paid advertising options. It is not necessary for your business to be on every social media. You need to choose which platform will be better for your business. Here are the three social media platforms that every small and medium business must be on. Even if you are a very niche business or an estate agents like our great friends over at Harlands. This advice is for everyone.



It is the biggest social network on the Internet. It is a great platform for connecting people from any place with your business. It is also the most versatile social network. With Facebook, you can connect with your family, friends, organizations, celebrities, businesses, etc. Facebook provides a lot of marketing options for your business.You can use Facebook to share photos, videos, company updates and many more.



It is another social network where you can post anything. You can share short texts of maximum 140 characters long. You can share images, links, videos, polls, etc. Twitter has a wide reach and so many businesses prefer this platform. Twitter is a great way to market your business and handle your customer service. With Twitter, you can spread content easily. It is also easy to retweet and share other’s content. Hashtags help in boosting posts.



This platform has digital bulletin boards where users can display and save content they like in the form of pins. The boards are organized by category. For example, you might have a board dedicated to food where you will pin recipes; another board might be of photography where you pin interesting photos, and so forth. It is a very visually oriented platform. Users of Pinterest are most women and are used by industries such as DIY projects, fashion, beauty, exercise, food and photography. In fact, industries that say more with picture than with words should use Pinterest.

For creating a successful social strategy, you first need to familiarize yourself with how each of the platform works, the types of audiences they can reach and how best your business can use them.